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JE Petersen is a high-quality medical device OEM and factory service center that can take your production to the next level.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers can help to refine existing designs, or create new designs based on your requirements.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers can help with circuit board design, firmware, and power solutions for your device.

We are world class medical device manufacturers
providing the highest quality products and service to our customers.

Popular FAQs

I had someone else service my device. Now what?

This is an all-too-common scenario. When a third party fails to properly repair a device, we often get it back to undo the damage. We frequently find non OEM parts, incorrect reassembly, and even non-biocompatible materials and substances inside of these devices. It is always less expensive in the long run to send your device to the USA authorized repair center. However, if the damage has already been done, there is no reason to worry. JE Petersen can refurbish your device even if it has been made worse by another “repair” center. In some cases, this may result in additional charges, but JE Petersen will always strive to do what’s best for you. We want you to discover that you can trust us to get your device back in your hands as quickly as possible.

I received a recall notice, what does it mean?

Although very rare, it is possible you could receive a recall notice for any medical device. When this happens, the correspondence will list the reason for the recall, and will generally explain the risk of not returning the device. If you need more information regarding a recall notice, we recommend you speak directly to your sales representative. They can direct technical questions to us if required.

Is there really an advantage to preventive maintenance?

When you use your Padgett dermatome, there is inherent calibration drift over time. This is caused by both vibration of the running motor, and by handling – not just in the OR, but by central sterile processing and other parties. As calibration drifts, a factory visit for preventive maintenance can reduce the risk of patient injury or OR mechanical failure. Only one of the 8 calibration points can be measured by the end user (oscillating pin calibration). The others can only be measured and corrected in our service center. When we do preventive maintenance, we replace wear-and-tear parts in the drive train, custom gaskets (that you can’t get anywhere else), and bring your dermatome back to 100%. Skipping preventive maintenance or sending your dermatome to a third party voids your warranty, but worse, it gives you a device that may no longer be safe. For most hospitals, we recommend an annual PM, and for high-volume burn centers (where each unit in service is used and sterilized more than once per day), we recommend semi-annual PM.

Why should JE Petersen repair my Padgett dermatome?

JE Petersen, and before that, Epic Manufacturing, have been manufacturing and servicing the Padgett Dermatome since the 1960’s. This continuity not only provides three generations of experience, but it provides the trending data that only our company could collect. Over the years, the dermatome design has been refined, the specifications updated, and the safety and reliability improved every single year. When you send your dermatome to JE Petersen for repair, you are benefitting from that experience and expertise. Our technicians have access to critical calibration specifications that are trade secrets – other repair houses cannot make that claim. We use OEM parts – because we are the OEM. No other USA company can truthfully claim that they use OEM parts in their repair of Padgett Dermatomes. We do not sell parts to aftermarket service companies in the USA. If a company claims they are using OEM parts, they are either lying, or they are using USED parts in your repair. These third party companies do not have access to upgrades, material changes, and specifications that have been updated to improve the product.

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